FAQ for Photographers

Today, let’s talk about some FAQ for photographers. At least for me, anyway!

I receive a lot of messages throughout the year from photographers, moms wanting to take better pictures, questions about cameras, and so many other various things, so let’s go over some together.

Please…step into my office.

Question #1: What equipment do you use?

I have no problem telling you what I use (Canon girl all the way!), but here’s the thing…Equipment has little to do with how my images come out. I have spent YEARS studying lighting, poses, and capturing special moments and I don’t feel like I’m even close to knowing everything. It’s a lot of trial and error. With that said, I currently use a Canon 5D MKII, which is 2 versions older than the current 5D. Like I said, equipment has little to do with how images turn out 😂 I obviously don’t use the latest and greatest things, although this is still an AWESOME full frame camera!


My favorite lenses are the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art and I’m really coming to love my Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro! I use my Sigma for about 90% of the images you see and most detail shots are done with my 100mm.


Question #2: How do I choose a camera?

Alright, so this is a little more complex question, BUT if you’re just looking for a good camera at home, I’d recommend getting a Canon Rebel or maybe one of the lower D series Canons, like the 70 or 80D. They do a great job and you can produce some pretty awesome stuff with them! However, those kit lenses are usually 💩 and I recommend getting a different lens.

If you intend to start a business or have one and are looking to upgrade, I will ALWAYS recommend a Canon 5D III or IV! If you can’t afford it, SAVE UP. I settled for several bodies because it was what I could afford, and it bit me in the butt each time. Save for what you want, and there is honestly nothing wrong with buying used. Just get it from a reputable dealer, and make sure the shutter count is LOW. Cameras are like cars. You don’t want to buy a car with 200,000 miles on it and you certainly don’t want to buy a camera with 200,000 shutter clicks.


Question #3: How did you get started?

I just picked up my camera, read the manual, and started snapping photos! I wasn’t the best ever (nor am I now), but I put myself out there and did it! A little more of that over here.


Question #4: Do you travel?

Yes, yes, and YES! I LOVE traveling whether it’s for sessions, weddings, or just to do it! I can obvs fly anywhere in the US, and I have my passport, too. So if you’re ready to go, I am, too. 😉


Question #5: How do you do it all? Kids, a business, marriage…

Simple answer? I don’t. Things are not always as they appear, and I surely do not have all my ducks in a row. Most days I’m lucky if I even find matching socks. There are days the laundry doesn’t get done, dinner is ordered out, and the kids go to bed without baths. I cannot do it all.


Question #6: What presets do you use?

I use ones I have created over time, I don’t buy them. In the past, I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on presets that have not been used in YEARS. Literal years. If there’s one thing I could go tell past photographer me, it would be to not get the presets and invest some time in learning how to make my own.


Question #7: What do you want for dinner?

Man, I still don’t know the answer to this. Quit asking.


Question #8: How did you deal with depression and anxiety, especially while working?

If you want to read about it, my experience with postpartum depression can be found here, but honestly it was a lot of self-care and medication. Trying to do everything on my own just didn’t work and after being in a dark place for a while, I “broke down” and took the medication. Listen, if you need medication, take it. You need to do what is best for you and don’t let anyone make you feel lesser for it. Whether it’s cutting toxic people out of your life, working out to boost your self confidence, or taking a little pill with a number on it to get yourself out of a funk, do it.


As for the work aspect, it totally affected me. I struggled to tap into my creative side and I exhausted myself trying to be a “happy” person for each client. I tried really, really hard to hide what was going on inside and pushed through to make sure every client still had the best experience, even if I didn’t feel up to it. It was hard, but thank goodness for modern medicine and good doctors. If it weren’t for that, I probably would have quit.


Question #9: What do you use to edit?

For about 99% of my work, I use Adobe Lightroom. All my photog friends will laugh at this, but I’m still hanging on to Lightroom 5 😂 Like I cannot bring myself to buy something I’ve already bought so CC is off the table for me until 5 just quits working. For any “heavy lifting,” I use Photoshop, but that’s a rarity.


Question #10: Why would you be friends with other photographers if they’re your competition?

I honestly don’t believe in that. I believe that we can all work together to better each other. Most of my few friends are photographers, actually. We talk work, we help each other with different aspects of the job, we laugh, we cry…Community over competition. Always.


Any more questions for me? Drop them below! Until next time, friends!

-Lauren B,

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