A Very Target Day Out

Have you ever had this brilliant idea that just pops out at you? Then you act on it and it turns out PERFECT in every way? That’s the shoot I had in mind over at Target, the most magical of stores.

The Inspiration

I’ll be the first to admit…I have a problem. I love Target like my kids love those gross frozen waffles. It’s not a super healthy relationship (especially for my bank account), but I keep gong back for more.

Like a lot more.

And I decided it was time to document our relationship in a more “professional” manner, because that’s normal, right?

And it seems like I passed that relationship on because my little humans love going to Target, too. Madeline has even taken to putting things in the cart we don’t need. A girl after my own heart.

Legos are life

Always go to Target with a Friend

I mean, this logic isn’t really that sound. Most of the time when I go to Target with a friend, we end up looking at the entire store and I buy way more than necessary, but it is really fun! Especially if you start dancing down the freezer aisle. Nobody will look at THAT twice.

My friend Jess is always down for my wild ideas, and I’m grateful for her tagging along! Shameless plug, she has the cutest shirts and hats! You should definitely check her shop out!

Let’s just say we had the best time running around the store. Target definitely spoke to us and I think we both left with more than what we came for. Everyone who gave us weird looks certainly did.

Dear Target, don’t ever change. Also maybe hit me up for an ad campaign. I’m here for it ❤️

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